Biodiversity hack

Biodiversity Map - trees and lasers
Biodiversity Map – trees and lasers
Date June 3 2015 1.00pm – 6:00pm (EEST (UTC+03))
Location Hub13, Kaisaniemenkatu 13 A, Helsinki, Finland
Price Free. Please fill in the project form, this account works for FORGE virtual machine management, developer user services and documentation. It is recommendable for everyone to apply. Biodiversity Map project account form
Official site Facebook event: Biodiversity hack, Nordic Open Data Week

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Welcome to the “Biodiversity map” hackathon. During the afternoon you may contribute to the Open Knowledge Finland biodiversity map project. Hackers, GIS-specialists as well as biodiversity experts and enthusiasts are all welcome!

More info about the project Lajirikkauskartta hanke-esittely (in Finnish)

Please fill in the project form, this account works for FORGE virtual machine management, developer user services and documentation. It is recommendable for everyone to apply. Biodiversity Map project account form

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Open API Brunch and Hacking

Open API Brunch and Hacking
Open API Brunch and Hacking
Date June 6 12:00pm – 6:00pm (EEST (UTC+03))
Location In Helsinki the event will be at the Töölö Office hackerspace, Töölön toimisto, Caloniuksenkatu 9 D 64
ovik. 3647, 00100, Helsinki, Finland, and will have live video feed for Oulu, Tampere and all interested to join.
Price Free, sign up for Helsinki event: Eventbrite: Open API hacking brunch
Official site Open API bruch

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Relaxed nyyttikestit -style brunch, and hack if you wish. In Helsinki we will be at the Töölö Office hackerspace, and will have live video feed for Oulu, Tampere and all interested to join. Welcome to meat and vege people, eat  good food,  enjoy the new OKFFI space We expect to see people interested in GIS, SIRI, GTFS, geocoder, mydata, encryption etc.

The main goal is to establish the recommendation for SIRI/GTFS API in 2015. We are going to have reference code and a production environment to test the capabilities. Each city has the opportunity to compare their API:s, data, performance, client use cases and interoperability.

If you feel like pitching in, write in your ideas to the pad Open API bruch and join the Facebook event: Open API bruch

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MakerCity Festival

MakerCity Festival

Date May 29 2015 12:30pm – May 31 5:00pm (CEST (UTC+02))
Location Lerchesgade/ Storms Pakhus, Finlandkaj 12, Odense, Danmark
Price Free
Official site MakerCity Festival

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We would like to invite you to an exiting festival for inventions, creativity and new and old crafts.

Af festival for tech enthusiasts, crafts people, hobby people, engineers, artists, students and others with a passion for creating, inventing og improving. A day where you can meet likeminded, inspire and get inspired. A place where you can show case your projects.

MakerCity Festival will this time be held in Lerchesgade near Storms Pakhus on the harbour in connection with the Havnekultur Festival.

The Festival is organised by Computer Clubhouse, Firstmovers and Ungvest.

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Speculation #1: Future scenarios about robots and society

百万ドルの夜景 in 香港 Victoria Peak
Photo: CC-BY Yuya Sekiguchi
Date June 5 2015 12.00pm – 5:00pm (CEST (UTC+02))
Location Rocket Labs, Hejrevej 30, 3, 2400 København, Danmark
Price Free, sign up on Facebook Spekulation #1 – Fremtidsscenarier om robotter og samfundsliv (in Danish)
Official site Facebook-event: Spekulation #1 – Fremtidsscenarier om robotter og samfundsliv (in Danish)

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Alternative Danish Constitution Day celebration where in Copenhagen North West where the robots take center stage.

The questions is, in reference to Asimov’s three laws of robotics – a kind of Constitution for robots – do the robots celebrate Constitution Day?

Free, sign up on Facebook Spekulation #1 – Fremtidsscenarier om robotter og samfundsliv (in Danish)

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Open Science / Access online meetup

Date June 3 2015 12.00pm – 2:00pm (CEST (UTC+02))
Location Online, sign up here if you want to participate
Price Free
Official site

Welcome to the open access/science online meetup on Wednesday 3rd june 12cet/13fin time, as part of the Nordic Open Data Week ( ).

A main point to Nordic cooperation and NODW, also part of this talk, is that we can learn from one another around the Nordics, and bring one another to the highest common denominator in various open data areas. In the Nordics, we’re similar enough to cooperate but different enough to be able to learn from our different paths.

A suggested meetup agenda looks like this
( feel free to add things you think are important! ):

  • What’s the status/challenge for particular components of open science in respective countries? Can we identify bottlenecks in OA, open research data etc.?
  • Developing a vision for open science in the Nordic countries –> declaration of some sort? Endorsement?
  • Something you might want to add – feel free to add it to the etherpad below!

If you’d to take part, you’ll find more details and a sign-up in this etherpad;

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Open data – Insights for Business

Date June 1 2015 11.30am – 6:30pm (EEST (UTC+03))
Location Hub13, Kaisaniemenkatu 13 A, Helsinki, Finland
Price Free. Invitation here (in Finnish)
Official site Invitation here (in Finnish)
Organisers 6aika, HRI, Forum Virium, OKF, COSS

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Open data has a huge business potential – but how to turn the potential into real business? This entrepreneur spirited event will dig in into open data business models with real examples and experiences. The hands-on part of the event is a service design ideation workshop with open data opportunities and ideas for solutions and business.


11:30 Lunch
12:00 Opening / Jukka Viitasaari, Teknologiateollisuus ry
12:15 Open data business models and examples / Matti Rossi, Aalto University
12:40 6Aika to boost sustainable open data business /Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts, Forum Virium

12:50 Case Vainu / Pietari Suvanto, Vainu Oy
13:00 Ideation, business out of open data /Jyrki Koskinen /COSS, Krista Keränen /Laurea
 Workshop facilitated by Affecto, Diagonal, IBM, Microsoft, Reaktor, Spatineo
15:30 Break with stands: meet data openers and companies and find funding for start-ups and business ideas
16:00 Open Finland Challenge 2015 launch /Teemu Ropponen, OKF
17:30 Coctails

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Open Data Week: Meetup

Open Data Bergen Open Data Bergen

Date Tuesday June 2 2015 6.00pm – 9:00pm (CEST (UTC+02))
Location Maos, Det Akademiske Kvarter, Olav Kyrres gate 49, Bergen, Norge
Price Free
Official site Open Data Week: Meetup (in Norwegian)

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On June 2 Bergen Open Data is hosting a meetup on open data, primarily in Norge. We are proposing some short presentations on different topics related to open data.

Confirmed so far:

  • Livar Bergheim of UiB presents open university data and data on public transportation.
  • Hans Kristian Flaatten of DNT presents Nasjonal Turbase an open database for sharing hikedata and data on the great outdoors in all of Norway.

We warmly invite all who are using or providing open data in different settings to share their experiences, please contact Livar (@livarb) or Hans Kristian (@starefossen).

UPDATE: there will be PIZZA at the meetup :-)
We have a cozy room at Det Akademiske Kvarter where we can sit after the talks. The Bar (Grøhndahls) is open to those that would like soft drinks/coffee/beer. :-)

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Performing Encryption Improvisational Workshop

Top: spline, by wwworks CC:BY; bottom: Mudras, by haynes CC:BY-SA.
Date Thursday June 4 2015 12.00pm – 4:00pm (CEST (UTC+02))
Location Bergsgatan 29, 214 22 Malmö, Sverige
Price Free, but please, sign up!
Official site Invitation: Performing Encryption Improvisational Workshop – June 4

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Sometimes the best way to tackle the big questions is obliquely, and in motion.

The Living Archives project celebrates Nordic Open Data Week by inviting you to generate a digital encryption key using your own gestures and movements. Encryption keys are pieces of code used to protect or access data that are usually produced randomly by computers. However randomness is becoming increasingly more difficult. This workshop will explore whether the body has the potential to activate computational processes that are unique.

Please, sign up!

If the downside of perpetual archiving is perpetual surveillance, then bodily encryption practices are part of an overarching strategy for controlling and disseminating personal data. Yes, we support Open Data – but when the data come from your body it is sometimes necessary to decide what is open, for whom, and when.

Trace the body in the algorithm, reaffirm physical presence in Big Data, and see if your digital encryption key feels more like yours if it was generated as a duet between your movement improvisation and computational processes.

This is a beta-stage interaction design experiment that inserts movement into the generation of a digital encryption key by replacing the mouse movement of a standard encryption program with motion data captured by a Kinect.

You don’t have to be a dancer: is there a pattern of movements that might be associated with you? Hand, arms, body moving in space, inverted, idiosyncratic … You can perform these in the studio for capture by the Kinect, either with others watching or in private.

What will you get?
You will leave the workshop with your private encryption key. We will also give you an encrypted file of the video of your movement as an archival trace of your improvisation. Your movement will be archived both in the key and in the video. You can use the key to de-crypt the video of your own movement, or you can use it for other data communication.

And the research?
As this is part of research into the performance of memory, the last hour (from 15:00-16:00) of this workshop will be devoted to critical and creative discussion around Encryption, Openness, Bodies and Memory in the performances of data and the performances of daily life.

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Trafiklab meetup

Date Wednesday June 10 2015 5.00pm (CEST (UTC+02))
Location Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan Valhallavägen 79, 114 27 Stockholm, Sverige
Price Free, limited seats sign up here (in Swedish)
Official site Trafiklab (in Swedish)

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Join Trafiklab for an evening at Commutathon!

Welcome to a meetup with Trafiklab on Commutathon, a hackathon, with the aim of developing concepts to facilitate the daily commuting for Stockholmers with mobile services. The Hackathon is arranged by Swedish Radio along with OpenLab, Trafik Stockholm, Stockholm and Trafiklab. You can read more about it here! The hack will be held on OpenLab on 10 to 12 June and Trafiklab will run a meetup on 10 June.

We have a terrible good agenda – more on that coming soon at Traffic Labs blog. (Psst! Among other things, Ellen Sundh invite us in the sensor world and tell us how we can combine the data collected with the physical machines and discover the unpredictability of APIs and data around us).

During the evening you will meet other developers and APIs owners who would like to hear about what you’ve done with data from Trafiklab. We offer something light to eat and drink during the evening.

Have you developed something cruel based on Traffic Lab data you want to show off or talk about? Send an email to and tell us!

Limited seats. First come first served! sign up here! (in Swedish)

See you!

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