Danish Constitution Day Celebration

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Kvindetoget på Amalienborg Slotsplads CC-NC-ND 3.0 Det Kongelige Bibliotek
Date June 5 2015 9.30am – 6:00pm (CEST (UTC+02))
Location Grønningen near Kastellet, 1270 København K, Denmark and DANSK ARKITEKTUR CENTER, Strandgade 27B, 1401 København K, Denmark
T 3257 1930
Price Free
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Option 1: Constitution Day Parade

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It’s the centennial for the introduction of electoral rights for the “so called” 5Fs (Fruentimmere (women), folkehold (servants), fattige (poor), fjolser (fools aka. mentally ill) og fanger (prisoners) in Denmark

To celebrate this The Danish Society for Women is organising a Constitution Day Parade and Nationalmuset (The Danish National Museum) is helping to organise a women’s historic parade as part of the parade.


9.30 or earlier: We meet at Grønningen near Kastellet and prepare for the parade.
10.30: Departure from Kastellet.
11.30: Arrival at Christiansborg, where the parade is greeted.

Option 2: Borgerlyst Grundlovsgilde (Constitution Feast)

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Grundlovsgilde på Dansk Arkitektur Center – samtalefrokost, selv-byg og sammenskud på kajen (in Danish).

Sign up (at latest June 1 at noon – limited seats – no show fee of DKK 200): Tilmelding til Grundlovsgilde på Dansk Arkitektur Center fredag den 5. juni 2015 fra 11 til 16 (in Danish)


11.00 Help build tables for the Feast or
13.00 Bring food for the Feast

During the feast we’ll engage in conversations, most likely following the Borgerlyst (in Danish) concept of a “conversation menu” with topics for disussion/contemplation.

We might try to bring this topic to the table regarding “HOT” The Humanitarian OSM Team

“These ethical issues amount to a new colonial mentality in mapping”

Place Memes: The Hubris of Proactive Disaster Mapping

The proactive are the new colonialists that show arrogance at a distance, a smiliar critique exists of wikipedians that are branded as “amateurs” and “gratis-ayatollahs” that damages “real” encyclopedias (and maps)

Document The Danish Constitution

We’ll end the day by taking to the streets and try to document as many places as possible related to the Danish Constitution.

There’s a document here: Document The Danish Constitution Challenge
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