Data visualisation day

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Date June 4 2015 3.00pm – 8:00pm (EEST (UTC+03))
Location Hub13, Kaisaniemenkatu 13 A, Helsinki, Finland
Price Free
Official site Nordic Open Data Week: Panel: Open Democracy and Citizen Participation in 2020

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Thursday 4th June, Hub13

Welcome to a day on:

  • Working with data and visualisation in institutions, to inform policy.
  • Working with data visualisation interactively to explore data further.
  • Workshop/mentoring session to get people visualising themselves.

Schedule overview

15:00-16:00 – Municipal data and visualisation, with Mattias Lindroth of Kuntaliitto/Kommunförbundet , and working interactively with investigating data, with Mikko Malmgren of DIagonal. ( Web addresses, respectively, Kommunförbundet/Kuntaliitto : & . Diagonal :

16:00 – 16:30 – From environmentla data to poilcy – working with data in policy making contexts., with Manuel Frias of, the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission .

16:30 – 17:00 – Financial data visualisation : presentation of visual a macroeconomics simulator ( under developmenti ), with Peter Tattersall of

17:00 – 18:00 showcase a new data/visualisation framework. ( More details below ).

18:00 – 20:00Interactive Visualisation Helsinki) and workshop/mentoring session about common graphic user interface and code-based visualisation tools, for mapping as well as showing data.

In more detail

It’s all about democracy (5 min)

Decision making in public organisations is about governing our common interests.

Insights and transparency of information is good for democracy, so accessibility to data is important.

Democracy is also about that everybody needs to understand, and visualisations can help a good way towards a better understanding!

From order to own presentation (10 min)

Mattias presents how Kommunförbundet works with visualisations as a tool to understand complicated and comprehensive data. Foremost we’ll look at how the development has moved ahead with tools that we can use ourselves.

DEMO: From data to information (15-20 min)

Mikko presents an alternative was of analysing data and make visualisations. The idea is to demonstrate how quickly you can make an informative presentation from a huge amount of data.

He will also present a new service: ”Viisas kuntavaikuttaja” which is under construction (

Vi vill ha er hjälp! Tarvitsemme teidän apua! We want your help! (20-30 min)

What kind of data do we need to improve transparency and democracy in decision making?

What would be the best way to visualise difficult questions in a way so that it is easy to understand?

Mattias will sum up our discussion and ideas in an article on! new framework session ( 18:00 – 19:00 )
Gapminder Foundation will give the first public demo of its new visualisation framework during the Nordic Open Data Week

At the INT-VIS-HEL Workshop on 4th june we, Arthur and Angie of Gapminder will give you the first demo of our new framework (starts 17:00), we will show-and-tell the process of creating a simple visualisation in it, and also help those of you who would like to hack it during the workshop (starts 18:00).

With modern tools you can create and publish a nice interactive data visualisation in a few hours. But as the years would pass it will most likely need substantial rearchitecturing every time you’ll want to add a new feature or show your graph to the new audience, or tell a new story with it.

Gapminder is known for telling facts about the world in a way everyone can understand (watch some TED talks of Hans Rosling if you haven’t yet). At Gapminder, we’ve used data graphics for many years to show global statistics and tell stories around it. Our visualisation tools are getting exposed to the hardest test: maintenance over time. We are currently building an open-source framework with focus on maintainability, and we call it “Vizabi”.

Vizabi is a framework for building Maintainable Visual Exploration Tools, with consistent support for the following five core features: 1) Embedding with configurations, 2) Responsive layout, 3) Support devices native UI Controls & Interactions, 4) Enable Instant Translation & Localisation by end user, 5) Unifying data-schema for multi dimensional statistics.
See our example pages here:

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Interactive Visualisation Helsinki + mentoring session ( 19:00 – 20:00 ):
(sign up here: )

As part of Nordic Open Data Week, we are organizing a data visualization workshop. Choose an open dataset or API that interests you and work together with other participants to create insightful visualizations. Tutors will help you with wrangling the data and using visualization tools. We currently have tutors for the following tools:

  • OpenRefine ( Data investigation and cleaning )
  • Density Design RAW ( Data visualisation )
  • D3.js ( Data visualisation )
  • MapBox Studio ( Maps )
  • Gapminder’s Vizabi ( Data and Visualisation tool )

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