From Soil to Structure

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Date Thursday 4 June 12:00pm — Friday 5 June 5:00pm
Location Bangatan 9H, 214 26 Malmö (Leonard garden terrace),Sweden
Official site From Soil to Structure – June 4-5 2015

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The year of 2015 is the year of Soil. To explore and celebrate the topic of soil as a multilayered open archival source we will organise a two day long international program taking place on a rooftop in central Malmö. The ambition is to create a meeting place, a learning site, and a shared moment for exchanging knowledge and practices about the topic of soil as an alternative source of open data and carrier of open knowledge. The symposium is inspired by artistic practices and research, and engages local and international artists and researchers. Through a combination of presentations, interventions, performances, public artworks, gardening activities, seed banks, collaborative cooking we aim at discussing what open data constitutes beyond the general assumption as it has been formulated up to today.

The program is part of a series of events conducted by the project Living Archives – Urban Archiving ( at Malmö university. The aim is also to share research and knowledge accumulated so far within our project, but also by other scholars, artists and gardeners. Thus, the project is both of an exploratory, and an educational kind. It also raise aims at raising questions regarding the very nature of open data. What open data material is, and is not considered be part of this domain?

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