MakerCity Festival

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MakerCity Festival

Date May 29 2015 12:30pm – May 31 5:00pm (CEST (UTC+02))
Location Lerchesgade/ Storms Pakhus, Finlandkaj 12, Odense, Danmark
Price Free
Official site MakerCity Festival

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We would like to invite you to an exiting festival for inventions, creativity and new and old crafts.

Af festival for tech enthusiasts, crafts people, hobby people, engineers, artists, students and others with a passion for creating, inventing og improving. A day where you can meet likeminded, inspire and get inspired. A place where you can show case your projects.

MakerCity Festival will this time be held in Lerchesgade near Storms Pakhus on the harbour in connection with the Havnekultur Festival.

The Festival is organised by Computer Clubhouse, Firstmovers and Ungvest.

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