Networking day on open data

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Offentliga Rummet
Offentliga Rummet
Date June 1 2015 10.00am – 4:00pm (CEST (UTC+02))
Location Offentliga Rummet, Wisby Strand Congress & Event, Strandvägen 4, SE-621 55 VISBY, Sweden
Price Free, but please fill out this form before the event Nationella samverkansarenor inom Öppna data (National collaboration forums within open data) (in Swedish)
Official site Offentliga Rummet 2015 (Visby) – SKL (in Swedish)

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Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting in cooperation with e-delegetionen, samtrafiken and several others, invites you to a day of reflection. During the day we’ll reflect on three areas that are described below in detail.

The target group for the three areas are people who works with open data in the public sector.

Increased exchange of experience between public stakeholders with open data

The network has existed since fall 2014. In december we held a workshop where we, for instance, created a working group that should take on the material from the workshop and event, and look further into questions about how to best organise the work. During spring the group has met a number of times, and we have reached a proposition.

This is why we want to invite you (and others that might have an interest in this) to a networking day during “Offentliga rummet” (“The Public Space”) in Visby on Monday June 1.

The proposal from the working group is, in broad terms, to establish a number of National collaboration forums within open data. It is our hope that we can attach these forums to Riksarkivet (The National Archive) as part of their tasks within open data (following the E-delegationen).

Our proposal is, for starters, to form the following collaboration forums

  • Licenses and terms of reuse. Questions about the choice of licenses, other types of terms concerning the use of data or data providing services (like SLA).
  • User benefits and understanding of the needs of “data customers” (data consumers). How do we create attractive data sets that matches existing needs? How do we establish good dialogue with users of open data? How can we contribute to make open data provide benefits?
  • Technology – Systems for making open data accessible (and visualisations of open data). Questions surrounding technical solutions that aim at making open data more accessible, and how we can present the data we provide.
  • Thematic groups within ”Common structure, terms and concepts”. How can we agree on common data structures, terms and concepts across different domains? It’s the ambition to create additional different working groups with responsibility for different domains, based on interest and demand.
  • Education and skills within open data. Exchange of experience with training within the fields. Common training efforts and activities that improves skills within the open data field.
  • How to motivate using open data within your company? Cooperation around good cases and activities that can be performed jointly, to motivate using open data internally. How do you get started?

Leading up to the networking day, we would like to know if you have any interest of participating in any of these forums (or if you have any suggestions to a different grouping). We would appreciate if you can answer the questions that you’ll find using this link: Nationella samverkansarenor inom Öppna data (National collaboration forums within open data) (in Swedish)

You’re welcome to use the form even if you can’t make it on June 1, in order to receive further information.

Tentative schedule for the networking day

10:00-11:30 Introduction

Ideas for ways of working together
SKL’s and the e-delegationen’s new guide on
Ongoing government initiatives concerning open data

11:30-12:30 Lunch

12:30-13:45 Good cases

Results from Hackathon SKL and SRUG
Regionel portal for open data, KSL
Naturvårdsverket’s DCAT-project
Open meal data, Örebro city
“Child service” with open data, Socialstyrelsen and BO

13.45-14.00 Presentation of the proposed National collaboration forums

14:00-14:15 Coffee

14:15-16:00 Kick off of the National collaboration forums within open data (working in groups)

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