Nordic Open Data Week 2015 #nodw15

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Nordic Open Data Week is a joint Nordic effort to make open data more tangible to citizens, private and public sphere. The week features public events about the different shapes and forms of open data. There’ll be open data information visualisation hackathons, lectures, workshops, and even a kids hack.

Nordic Open Data Week seeks to strengthen Nordic collaboration on open data. Open Data being a contemporary digital extension of key historic Nordic focus on education, knowledge and collaboration across public, private, government and national borders. Likewise, the Nordic Open Data Week is a product of Nordic public, private and government collaboration.

Hackathon and open data

The aim is to arrange activities in Nordic countries that visualize the value and meaning of open data. This can be an ArtHack, maker hacks, hackathons or any other kind of creative meetups.

The planned period is 29th of May to 7th of June . The aim is to have many activities in all nordic countries. Activities can be independent of each other and just make use of the name and dates. Anyone is allowed to launch their own activity during this week and use of the increased attention a joint activity like this can bring.

The Nordic Open Data Week 2015 will bring together interested parties from the Nordic countries to work simultaneously on open data. Each country has earlier had activities such as hackathons and competitions at the national level with great success; raising this to the cross-border level can bring added value in terms of new and better services – both at a cross-border and national level, while also acting as a catalyst to open up even more data from public sector vaults.

The theme for events is to use any available (Nordic) open data and create physical or digital visualisations. The value of open data comes from reuse – i.e. the selection, modification, combination and visualisation of such data. Creating physical objects or digital visualisations is an effective way to make people aware of the existence of open data and its value. These objects and visualisations can be installed in public places where people can see and interact with them.

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