Nordic Open Data Week: Forum Open Data #7 – Vinnova #nodw15

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On Friday the 20th of February VINNOVA will be hosting an un-formal meeting to discuss and plan Nordic Open Data Week 2015.

The idea is to have a Nordic Open Data Week from the 29th of May to the 7th of June, and that the week will be filled with many different activities in the Nordic countries.

After the event you can join the Open Data Day Afterwork event.

All the Nordic countires are involved. The purpose of the week is to create manifestations of what open data is, and to show what value they have.

It can be ’makers’ that build gadgets that are connected to some data, artists that create installations, data journalists and people doing information graphics, musicians that create sounds based on real time information, cities that visualise environmental data in the public space, etc.

Other questions that you want on the agenda whould be communicated to the host ahead of time.

A very basic webcast is being planned ((cell phone + bambuser).

Venue TBA.

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