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Marie Gustafsson Friberger
Marie Gustafsson Friberger
Date Wednesday June 3 2015 8:30am – 10:00am / We invite you for breakfast from 8:30 to 9:00; Speaker is on stage from 9:00 to 10:00
Location MINC, Anckargripsgatan 3, 211 19, Malmö, Sweden
Price This event is free to attend but registration is required and seats are limited, sign up here Öppna Data i Skolan (in Swedish)
Official site Öppna Data i Skolan (in Swedish)

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The open public data that over the last years has been published is a source of huge potential benefit to schools.

Open public data can serve as a source to the school in many different ways, for instance so that the pupils can make their own analysis of data that they utilise different visualisation tools or by using avaiable images.

The presentation is going to provide a short overview of what is meant by open data, followed by examples of how public data can be put to use in education.

During fall more material on this topic will be published as a part of a Vinnova finansed project.

The project has the potential to reach a group of possible users of open data – teachers and pupils – that so far are using open data very little, but where the benefit of such use might be huge, for instance by improving the understanding of the data that society is gathering, as well as a better understanding of data and statistics.

About the speaker

Marie Gustafsson Friberger is running a project focused on open data and programming in school. She holds a PhD in Computer Science and has lectured and done research as a lcturer at Malmö högskola. She is currently focusing on here own company Good Measure. During spring she has been part of and helped start Geek Girl Mini in Malmö.

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