Open Data Week: Lean Coffee

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Open Data Week: Lean Coffee
Date Tuesday June 3 2015 6.00pm – 9:00pm (CEST (UTC+02))
Location Teknologihuset, Pilestredet 56, 0167 Oslo, Norway
Price Free
Official site Open Data Week: Lean Coffee

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We’ll have a meetup of the Oslo Open Data Forum with an introduction about what has been happning in the world of open data recently, and some discussions about hot open data topics!

To get more engagement and inspire input from everyone who have open data news or topcis they would like to talk about, we will be doing this meetup as a Lean Coffee session!

Lean Coffee means that we begin the meetup with everyone making suggestions on topics they would like to discuss or present, and after a quick voting session we’ll work our way through the most popular topics of the night. This way we’ll both get input from a wide variety of voices and be able to cover the most important happenings in the world of open data recently.

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