Open Science / Access online meetup

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Date June 3 2015 12.00pm – 2:00pm (CEST (UTC+02))
Location Online, sign up here if you want to participate
Price Free
Official site

Welcome to the open access/science online meetup on Wednesday 3rd june 12cet/13fin time, as part of the Nordic Open Data Week ( ).

A main point to Nordic cooperation and NODW, also part of this talk, is that we can learn from one another around the Nordics, and bring one another to the highest common denominator in various open data areas. In the Nordics, we’re similar enough to cooperate but different enough to be able to learn from our different paths.

A suggested meetup agenda looks like this
( feel free to add things you think are important! ):

  • What’s the status/challenge for particular components of open science in respective countries? Can we identify bottlenecks in OA, open research data etc.?
  • Developing a vision for open science in the Nordic countries –> declaration of some sort? Endorsement?
  • Something you might want to add – feel free to add it to the etherpad below!

If you’d to take part, you’ll find more details and a sign-up in this etherpad;

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