Restaurants and Wikidata: A recipe for success

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Wikidata tastydata

Date Thursday, June 4th 10:00am – June 7th 5:00pm
Location Kungsträdgården, Jussi Björlings allé 5, 103 91 Stockholm, Sweden
Price Free (Part of “Smaka på Stockholm”)
Official site Projekt:Restauranger och Wikidata 2015/Ansökan till Vinnova om öppen mat
(in Swedish)

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We want to show restaurants and the food interested public what possibilities Wikidata creates through multilingual menus by displaying touchscreens that the public can use to choose language on the different menus at the event Smaka på Stockholm (4-7 June). The idea is that the participating restaurants share their menus, which create a direct use of the work done during the project. To be present at an unexpected place, and in a fun way show what can be done with open data, is a way to create interest about Open Data in groups that previously haven’t shown interested.

We will contact all exhibitors to get their menus in due time. Before Smaka på Stockholm we will arrange a competition where the international Wikimedia community are invited to create translations and take images on ingredients and dishes (so that the menus can get illustrated) and record pronunciations. This material will be available freely licensed on Wikidata. We will create an interactive menu where guests can see the dishes and what they contain, in their own language. A prototype is already created. With further development and more translations of the open data we have, we can visualize and show the possibilities for the public.

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